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Artic Online Magazine: Communitism at the heart of Metaxourgeio

Tο Communitism στην καρδιά του Μεταξουργείου

CityLab: Restoring a Historic Athens Neighborhood, One House at a Time vation-communitism/507602/

Cities in transition: ?

Greek Reporter: Athens-Based ‘Communitism’ Organization Giving New Life to Crumbling Buildings in Historic Athens Neighborhood new-life-to-crumbling-buildings-in-historic-athens-neighborhood/

deBop: Communitism vol. 1

Alternactive: Communitism: A three day event at the neoclassical building of Paramythias Street

Popaganda: The “tower” of Metaxourgeio gets to live a second life


Alternactive: Communitism vol.II : Identity issues | New workshops at the neoclassical building of Metaxourgeio

Communitism vol.II : Identity issues | Νέα Εργαστήρια στο Νεοκλασσικό του Μεταξουργείου | Events

Lifo: Natassa Dourida and Communitism on their second Athens project inside a beautiful building in “deep” Metaxourgeio

Armatexnis: Page cannot be found

Inexarchia: Communitism vol. II: Identity issues: Artistic events during 13 days in an abandoned building in Metaxourgeio gia-13-imeres-se-egkataleimmeno

TAF:The Art Foundation Identity Issues: Do you own the land or does the land own you? _or_does_the_land_own_you/




TEH Start up Support Programme 2018: Featuring Communitism in Athens aturing-communitism-in-athens/

Alternactive: Communitism vol.III: Europe was taken by a bull! | Events

Communitism vol.III: Europe was taken by a bull! | Events

International Magazine mentions

Polish Magazine – page 18 – mention of Communitism (full magazine uploaded on drive under Online Communication > Website development)

International Workshops

● University of Warsaw- Poland // A 5 day workshop involving architecture and sociology students from the university of Warsaw, on the subject of mapping, gentrification and community networks. The workshop name was : “What about Praga?”. Presentation about Communitism/ facilitation of a participatory process during the event. The end product came to be a collective map on the activities, diversity and ecology of the neighborhood regarding its gentrification process.

(Photos from the workshop will be uploaded on the drive)


  • ●  City as Commons Symposium, University of Pavia, Italy 2019
    Presented paper : Nuclei of Autonomy, Bottom up processes shifting modes of civic uses in an abandoned building in Athens
  • ●  Grup d’Arqueologia Publica i Patrimoni, GAPP / Converses Patrimonials Presentation of the Communitism project, philosophy and methodology: Explorations of bottom up processes and modes of civic engagement in urban heritage buildings in Athens. The case of Communitism (Metaxourgeio)Video linksVolume I II III