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Space Sharing, Workshops

Typografeio is a collective self-organised creative space hosted in the ground floor of Communitism. It’s an experiment focused on the neighborhood of Keramikos-Metaxourgeio.
This space is a tool to fix the building through participative workshops, and is a starting point to develop projects in the neighborhood, organising actions linked with construction in public space and urban voids, reclaiming the right to city, by using commons for non-profit, community and relationship purpose. Typografeio combines a working space with a teaching space, where open discussions about the neighborhood’s problematics and lectures take place, as a starting point to think together about gentrification process, city in transition, and how the community can resist, being active and resilient in this process.
This creative space is free and open for everyone who wants to use it, who needs tools and materials to fix furnitures, to realize a project or to discover some skills. The idea is to work especially with scrap, re-used and recycled materials, waste are treasure !
You’re welcome to pass by on Thursday and Saturday, from 14 pm to 20 pm !

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