clothing and goods donation, Exhibitions, Painting an Sculpture, Photography, Symposia, Workshops

Perspectives in Art

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clothing and goods donation, Exhibitions, Painting an Sculpture, Photography, Symposia, Workshops

Who we are…
A group of artists based in Athens from the refugee, local and international community came together in Spring 2017, with the idea of having a network to share and exhibit our art in a way that promotes integration and solidarity. We had also had a goal to find a studio space and use it for art classes and workshops. In September 2017 this base was offered by the Communitism Team on Kerameikou 28A in Metaxourgeio. Communitism is a self-funded sociο-cultural project aiming to mobilize social structures into re-activating abandoned buildings of Athens cultural heritage. They have offered a part of their building to our project, as the whole building functions as a communal, multifunctional space for a huge variety of projects and groups. Our DREAM of a studio space is up and running!

What can we achieve with our movement?
We believe having a safe art space surrounded by people who believe in equality and solidarity is a very important step in the integration movement where all of us will share the space to express ourselves to the world and discover each other’s talents as well as our own hidden treasures & focus on social street work in order to help the colourful neighbourhood of Kerameikou Street breathe in new life.
Plans for the near future…
-Next Exhibit: TAF/ the art foundation in Monastiraki, February 15-25 2018.
-We are open to meet and collaborate with international artists who might be in Athens for short projects and are in need of studio space.
-We are seeking language and art teachers to begin classes for adults and children.
-The neighbourhood was long known as one of the Art Districts and it would be a pity to let it die. We hope for opportunities to replicate this project in other areas in Athens, and look forward to connecting with people interested to join and/or support our movement.
How you can support us…
-We welcome both monetary and in-kind donations to help us achieve our goal. Donations are used toward buying materials for the building & art, promotional materials for our group and shows. We are also interested to fund some of our long-term, dedicated team members who will be part of the cornerstone to sustain this project.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas with us. Bit by bit the whole picture will be complete. Thank you in advance for your support, good vibes and consideration.
Perspectives Art Team


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