Make some Noiz – Kids brass band

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Its main purpose is the creation of a Balkan Brass Band for kids. Balkan is the musical term that stands for sad and happy at the same time. Commands the body to dance to the rhythm and bends the soul with its melodies. It is an easy music to learn how to play and also a vivid sound in the ears and hearts that unites every soul of this multicultural community. Brass are the tools of expression in the children’s hands. They are impressive, shinny and play really loud. Band stands for ensemble, a small community, a team that aspires to be the center of creation, inspiration and meeting of the kids. The project’s vision is train the trainer. This method is so effective among kids. Makes learning faster, immediate and effective, while enhances their teaching, transmission and communication skills. Effectively, throughout this method are promoted values such as solidarity collegiality and friendship. This way, it is a context is provided where they feel totally free. A condition that permits them to express, self- organize their band and, above all, enjoy music, enjoy company and enjoy playing. Because music is a game!

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