Commune through Tango at Communitism

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Tango workshop guided by Tecla Mancino and Seran Vranas

Every Friday 19:00-21:00 at Plenum – The Social Ground, Communitism, keramikou 28, Metaxourgio

Workshops are in English with the possibility of translating to Greek and/or Italian.

Participation with free offer

Contact information:
[email protected] or +30 6944160620

“The Tango is who dances it, and it derives from a need of authentic communication”

A weekly 2 hour tango workshop

Call for participants

Open to anyone interested in exploring interactive body movements,
anyone that wants to consciously “use” their body as an innate instrument of dialogue,
anyone who desires to experience and develop “expressing through an embrace”,
anyone who has the need to be present, here and now, together.

About the course

One of the most natural thing that a human being does is to communicate.
Since the moment we become aware of ourselves as entities, distinct from others, we seek for interactions. Much before using verbal language, our body is able to express a pleasant or unpleasant condition, as well as perceive these somatic states from the others.
Some Neuropsychologists call it “Embodied Empathy”, a process of tuning which develops from mechanisms of somatic and kinetic resonance with the Other.

Conscious of the fact that partner dance is frequently and wrongly associated with the idea of solely executing steps or learning a choreography, we go back to the roots of tango taking inspiration from the human innate capacity of tuning, as well as, from a progressive awareness about the effects and potentialities each single inter-personal contact has.

We will work as a group to learn and develop each ones own tango, respecting and listening to the limits and possibilities that each body has , while taking responsibility of our gestures.

The meetings will be focused on 5 main subjects :

Self contact and body awareness

Interpersonal synchronization and coordination

Improvisation of movements

Fluidity of the traditional (leader-follower) roles

Presence (here and now)

The final purpose is to be able to experience the full freedom of being and creating, reaching an emotional state where, despite of every technical abilities, roles or levels, we “don’t do tango”, “we become tango”!

…or at least we try.

About Tango

Its story starts at Rio de la Plata, in the suburbia of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, at the end of the 19th century, through the meeting between the cultures of the European migrants (portenos), the already established African slaves and the poor local ones.

It used to be played and danced in the conventillos’s gardens, big common houses in the peripheral quarters which were designated for the immigrants. In these places different rhythms, histories and languages started influencing each other and mixing together, leading to the creation of this couple-dance and its music, originally characterized by continuous improvisation and a strong feeling of freedom.

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