May 12, 2022

Emerging Communities: Empowerment for social engagement, self-organization and development of local solutions

Emerging Communities is an Erasmus+ funded project , bringing together eight organizations from six different countries , active in different fields, yet complimentary in knowledge and with relevant mentalities.

We believe that the period we are living in calls for extraordinary solutions, and by engaging in this program we want to form a proto-network cultivating transnational exchange within the European context; a process that will inspire and provide ideas for solutions in the challenges each organization faces and help build skills and capacities we wouldn’t think of developing on our own- individually but also together. Eventually, profiting by the plethora of the genius loci involved, each of the constituent organizations will become stronger within their local realities and the communities involved will be motivated to act within this emerging network.

Let by the German Association Project House Potsdam — Inwole , the project features a mobility and exchange program between the leader, Italia che Cambia , ImWandel Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Ethos (Thessaloniki, Greece) , Ethos (Denmark) , Open Cultural Center (OCC), (Barcelona, Spain) , Group for Conceptual Politics — GCP (Novi Sad, Serbia) and Communitism (Athens, Greece)

Having started in October 2021 until December 2023 , representatives of the eight organizations will be visiting each other in their respective locations in 6 countries, in order to experience each other’s environment and the nature of their work, with the expectation to track the common aspects of our practices.

While Project House Potsdam — Inwole offers an experience of 22 years in collective housing solutions , Italia che Cambia offers a media platform connecting all the grassroots projects and intiatives of Italy and ImWandel Berlin offers a platform for sustainability within the grassroots initiatives. Communitism brings in a practice of an experimental model for alternative professionalism and economy in the Athenian context and the Group for Conceptual politics promotes political action , motivating citizens in the fields of self-governance and peace politics in Serbia. Open Cultural Center integrates displaced people in the local society of Barcelona while Ethos, both in Greece and Germany has been devotedly promoting social integration, sustainable development and social entrepreneurship .

Although approved since June of 2020, Covid-19 regulations did not allow for our project to develop as planned. The eight non profit organizations had to engage for a year in online exchanges, yet we were finally able to meet in person in October 2021 in Berlin. The second visit happened in Athens in April 2022 and the consortium is now preparing to meet in Mantova, hosted by Italia Che Cambia.

We are looking forward to continue with our exchanges in the rest of the locations and discover the endless possibilities this project has to offer to our association !More than anything, we aspire to watch some new , strong and creative communities emerge !