April 7, 2023

Collective Housing Masterclass

Dear all,

Whatever you've heard about the building of Communitism getting sold these days is probably true.
The truth is that it was never ours. It is since 2020 that in Communitism we work in finding local solutions on collective ownership and use of space, through our project Co-housing Greece. We are lucky to have two experts visiting us these days, from the Mietshaouser syndikat in Germany and and the Community Landtrust of Brussels to advise us.

As you can understand, the ecosystem of Communitism is just coming over the shock.
As we are working closely on finding solutions, we also want to invite our friends in two public moments:
We invite who ever is in Athens to come tonight to the Social Thursday.Petar & Verena from Community Landtrust & the Mietshaueser Syndikat are here to support with whatever we have to plan forward. Feel free to invite whoever can bring ideas & or solutions to the table!

On Saturday at 5 p.m., Petar & Verena will present how their models of collective ownership function. Everyone is invited there as well.

In our next steps, we want you with us.
We have to prove that this city, not only has memory, but also collective intelligence!

The Communiteam