International work has been in the core of Communitism practice as a source for knowledge and best practices since Communitism’s beginnings.
Emerging Communities

Empowerment for social engagement, self-organization and development of local solutions. (2020-2023).
Emerging Communities is an Erasmus+ funded project, bringing together eight organizations from six different countries, active in different fields, yet complimentary in knowledge and with relevant mentalities.

Co-housing Greece I

Empowering communities of Greece with knowledge on sustainable practices of commoning in housing and use of space (2020-2022) . Cohousing Greece has been the an Erasmus+ funded project aiming to develop long-term cross-border cooperation and partnerships with experienced organisations and networks that can support professional development of , improve ability to sustainably finance and develop cooperative projects, and can further assist to share this knowledge and to support active communities and groups that develop cooperative spaces and co-housing projects.

Co-housing Greece II

Empowering communities of Greece with knowledge on sustainable practices of commoning in housing and use of space (2022-2023) . Also an Erasmus+ funded project, Co-housing Greece II goes deeper on the goals of its predecessor, Co-housing Greece I, bringing in Greece experts from experienced organisations in the implementation of collective housing projects.

Sustainable Neighborhoods (2022)

With the support of the Greek German Friendship Foundation, 11 people travelled to and from Projekthaus Potsdam to exchange knowledge on Sustainable collective housing practices.

Latent Talent (2022-present)

Latent talent is an orientation program, supporting young persons in their pursuit for an alternative creative career. While the program participants are introduced in the multiple professional options created within the Communitism ecosystem, they are also given the option to implement job-shadowings in collaborating centres in Europe. This project is co-funded by the association FunAction.

CamelButts Reloaded (2022)

The workshop Butterflies & Camels with the support of “i-portunus houses” mobility program, were able to invite three artists from their network, active in refashioning clothes : Sophia Wameling,Christos Kyriakides and Max Allen. Each one of them were invited in Athens for 10 days to hold three workshops , sharing their practices with the workshop participants. In the weeks in between , the Camelbutts workshop artists Angel Torticollis, Grigoria Vryttia and Dida Dourida held 3 workshops sharing their own practices, and they invited in local artist Ioanna Bouzika to hold one as well. The project ended with a runway entitled “NOT A FASHION SHOW”.

Rebuilding To Last

Rebuilding to Last (RTL) is led by TEH and delivered in partnership with 12 diverse organisations from across Europe: three architecture and engineering companies, one university, one innovation and research centre, four cultural networks and two intergovernmental organisations, all combining expertise that will have lasting effects on the European and global cultural landscape. The project is co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe project.

Across two-years, we will aim to build the capacity of cultural spaces to address the sustainable futures of their buildings and organisations through inspiring and leading sustainable transformation among cultural teams, audiences and communities, cities and beyond.

Communitism was shortlisted in the 2023 hackathon event of the project as one of the four case study organisations, who will implement participatory renovation processes. In our case, we will renovate the freeshop Zoristirio, into a clothing upcyclers’ and makers’ hub that will combine donations with items for sale, promoting the core value of Communitism “ balancing senseful business with social action”.