Oct 24
- Oct 30


starts: 10.00
The "Wisp Laboratory" is an intensive week of interdisciplinary research and production with modern technologies and a meeting point for local and international artists. It promotes the exchange and practice of cooperation between various research and art areas, such as media art, fine arts, photography, performance, theater, music, visual design, dance and virtual reality.
Within five days, up to 30 participating artists produce installations, concerts and performances collectively around the topic „in-betweenness“, which are then presented to an audience in a two-day public exhibition.
The laboratory was taking place several times in Leipzig (Germany). This year, members of the Wisp collective are travelling to Athens to strengthen the exchange and network between artists from both cities.
When selecting the participants, the priority is set on diversity. This is made possible by a balanced relationship between genders and the origin from local, as well as different cultural and political habitats. The resulting heterogeneity is decisive for the high potential in terms of topics and the perception / representation of the "now" from different perspectives.
Please send us your application electronically along with your portfolio (maximum of three works – JPEG, PDF or Word Docs, links to videos, sound files) to the following email address: opencall@wisp-kollektiv.de
Deadline for applications: 15th of september 2022
The laboratory is free of charge.
When Britney sings : While I'm in between / I'm not a girl / Not yet a woman, she defines her In-betweenness by defining what she is NOT, and so are mostly definitions for in-betweenness. But what if we flip this narrative and try define what we are or what is laying in the grey space in the middle ? Is the in-betweenness necessarily a transition phase or can we find resilience in it and how to reclaim it ? Can we even think of an intentional practice of the in-betweenness?