Oct 31

Trojan DAO Art – Blockchain halloween gathering at Communitism:

starts: 21.00
Location: Communitism, Kerameikou 28, Athens
Thursday October 31. Opening time: 21:30
Organiser: The Trojan DAO / Communitism
Art invades finance!
With the emergence of DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organizations) and the recent developments in crypto-economics, we may be at the verge of a shift in the way that cultural work is organised and financed. While blockchain offers a novel artistic medium and new opportunities to shift from silos to ecosystem for the empowerment of community-based artistic practices, and to decentralise systems of value across art and culture, it also raises entirely new sets of challenges. What impacts will blockchain technologies have for artists, activists, and cultural organizers seeking to create an art world outside of the confines of the legacy bureaucratic systems?
Join us and enjoy a chill nice evening all together for networking, talks, and art, that brings together the art and blockchain communities.in the vibrant environment of Communitism. Join us for a drink, dance to the sounds of the resident brass band, and for debating, networking, and discussing projects you are involved in!
We will also be celebrating the recent achievements of the Trojan DAO over the past few months, having participated in Berlin Blockchain Week organising independent conference and the EthBerlin Culture Room in August https://www.eventbrite.com/.../conversations-on..., launched the first exhibition to be curated by a DAO at the Year of DAOs event for Osaka Blockchain Week https://kickback.events/.../0xb7bbb5f9ada8568e6968fc3f708... , and bringing home the 1st Award for Token Engineering at Diffusion in October for designing a crypto-economical mechanism for sustainable decentralised fudraising for DAOs!
During the event we will be connecting with influential creators and visionaries from the crypto-space to discuss how blockchain is reshaping our connection to art:
Griff Green
Griff Green was a member of the Slock.it team behind The DAO (2016) during the time of the infamous DAO-hack, and is the co-founder of Giveth, an initiative currently developing new governance models in the nonprofit space, with the goal of leveraging blockchain for creating better incentives for donors and charity workers. https://www.zeroknowledge.fm/29
Jeff Emmet
Jeff Emmett is a Token Engineering researcher, with a focus on cryptoeconomic primitives, such as Token Curated Registries and Bonding Curves. Part of the Blockscience and the CommonStack teams, he is helping to rethink the structure of charity in a decentralized world, and to forward the practice of Token Engineering for robust blockchain ecosystems.
Denise Thwaites
Contemporary arts writer, curator and academic. Assistant Professor of Digital Arts and Humanities at the University of Canberra, Australia, Denise Thwaites is the co-founder of Blocumenta, an experimental arts infrastructure using Blockchain to explore new ways to present, fund and archive contemporary art.
Performance: In Progress
Concept: Filippos Vasileiou
Performers: Filippos Vasileiou, Athanasios Karagiannis and friends
Starting time: 11.00PM
Duration: 20 minutes
Drawing from his involvement in the fields of martial arts and fine arts, Vasileiou deals with the concept of war, in an attempt to acknowledge its existence and its impact. He explores the limits of struggle through wrestling and the different meanings it acquires depending on the intent, quality, space, and time that it occurs.
The work is part of the series that was also featured as part of the INTERFACE exhibition organised by Trojan DAO at the Year of DAOs event in Osaka. As part of his ongoing research, the artist invites us to a performative improvisation between himself, his performative partner and musicians.
About the organiser:
The Trojan DAO
The Trojan DAO was lauched on mainnet in June 2019. It is the first DAO to focus on cultural practices, an ethereum-based project initiated by a network of artists & developers, starting from Athens, Greece. It aims to leverage some of the most inspiring ideas from the the DAO, and apply them towards creating an alternative community based model in the field of art, and to provide new cultural dimensions the work being done around ethereum. The Trojan DAO is founded on the understanding that culture is a collaborative process, it results from networks of relations and mutual dependencies, and it involves the ability to shape material that can be expanded to other socially relevant spheres.