Jan 26

To walk a secant line (?) – Athens meets Tallinn; Tallinn meets Athens.

starts: 18.00
If two points on a circle are a map, a secant line establishes a relationship between the points as two places, connecting them spatially and interrogating their position with respect to each other, juxtaposing them.
After spending three weeks in Athens Estonian Academy of Arts students propose to connect the two geographical locations, Athens and Tallinn, by starting to walk and test the bridging line between two peripheries rarely thought together in the European context.
What is the Union between these geographically so distant cities? How do they feel when experienced side by side, when one melts into the other and vice versa? Can we learn more about the circle by looking at the two points simultaneously?
Join them online: http://urbanisms-of-migration.hotglue.me/ as they walk the two cityscapes together, digging a interactive "hole" into the (dis)common ground of two capitals on the EU's southern and northeastern borders.
The event is hosted by MA-students of the first ever student-led course of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, in collaboration with Communitism, Athens.
Students: Viktor Kudriashov, Diana Drobot, Paul Simon, Luca Liese Ritter, Nabeel Imtiaz, Sachal Rizvi, Christian Hörner, Inês Machado Sales Grade Pinto, Aurelijus Čiupas, Pietro Ercolino Vizzardelli Barcucci, Siew Ching An, Kaja Likar.
Communitism: https://communitism.space/
Student-leads of the course: www.artun.ee/urbanstudies