Feb 8

These Boots are Made for Swapping// Kino Clothing Swap & Karaoke

starts: 15.00
ends: 23.00
**Clothing swap// Karaoke// Food**
Exchange your outfits find a new look.
All the clothes that sit in your home that you are not wearing, bring them for someone else and find something new for you !
We will have a food table and you are welcome to bring a plate or a cake to share, we have to share !
From 7 or so we will start up the Karaoke and we hope you show your new style on the stage. Even go a step further and show off a costume (don't forget the make up!)
All items that are brought and not grabbed up will be distributed to local free shops, thrift shops and groups.
There will be a donation if you would like to contribute to the space.
See you there !