May 6

The Book Club at Communitism

starts: 19.00
ends: 21.00
THE BOOK CLUB at Communitism.
06 May 2022 - 19:00
The Book Club is a critical thinking workshop in which guests are asked to question, discuss and decolonize the way we think about the world around us. Originally created in Cyprus as a series of sessions, the Athenian version will be a one-off centering the queer experience at the focal point of its discussion.
The session itself will be a combination of performance lecture, open discussion and knowledge sharing with three central texts which you can either ask to be provided (and read in advance) or choose to simply hear out.
The three notions that will be put to question are: locality and community, queer adulting and radical care.
If you want to listen, talk, share and think, please do not hesitate to contact George Rallis (Quintessentially Queer) for any possible questions or to get the texts in advance.
This session is a brave space, thus holds a zero tolerance attitude towards any bigoted or hate oriented behaviours in regards to sexuality, gender, race or any other possible discrimination.
This is a donation based workshop, with a suggested donation of 3eu.
Artwork by @kappar3liefstudio