Sep 17

Social Thursday/Open air cinema

starts: 19.00
ends: 23.00
Come hang out with us on our terrace, propose projects and stay for our special curated event:
The Body: Trauma, Memory, Trace
Curated by Theofilos Ieropoulos
presented with EN subs
Space opens at 7pm screening starts at 9pm sharp.
Part 1
A series of poetic films by Athens-based and international filmmakers on stories around the body, its horror, its beauty, its pain. The body as a blueprint of fragments of memory, the forbidden body, the illegal body, the scattered body-puzzle, the body as a limited terrain, but also as a place of limitless imagination.
Prokne & Filtig - Trud, 2019, 3’
Anna-Maria Pinaka - Bycatch, 2019, 6’30”
Georgia Panagiotou - Glitter, 2020, 2’
Nat Portnoy - 42 Days, 2020, 11’
Vasiliki Lazaridou - SPLIT: a visual poem about past trauma, 2020, 2’30”
Erifyli Angelopoulou - prueba quatro. un ambrazo, 2020, 3’
Eva Stefani - Manuscript, 2017, 12’
Ehab Aziz, Farewell letter of a Syrian refugee before sinking in the Mediterranean sea, 2018, 5’
Erica Scourti - Lost to the Phosphorus, 2017, 3’
Ioanna Mitza - One’s Own Room, 2020, 5’
Marachi - Lustkraftwagen, 2020, 4’30”
Metatheodosia - Semén, 2016, 6’
Kangela Tromokratisch & Lia Smaragda - Hunger, 2020, 7’
Tritotetartes - At the Beach, 2016, 3’
Part 2
The XYZ Trilogy
Veronique & Filtig - Mother X / Y: Gabelkreuz / Sleep (zzz), 2020, 45’
The XYZ trilogy introduces a diaristic chronicle around the injured body, pain, mourning, obsessive thoughts and the inability to communicate. Veronique and Filtig build a complex relational drama where family trauma meets the post-apocalyptic despair of the ‘end times’. In the three films, we observe the troubled relationship between a son who needs his mother’s care and a mother who craves for the son’s love: they create the image of each other as a reflection of their needs only to then attack, deconstruct and re-assemble in endless cycles of love, aggression, solipsistic madness.