Dec 4

PS:28 The Welcome Habitat

starts: 19.00
A 28hr residency
"The Welcome Habitat"
Karl Heinz Jeron
Saturday 4 December 19:00
Keramikou 28
"During the 28h residency I create The Welcome Habitat, a new installation as part of The Vistors (
The Visitors is a project I have started in December 2020. It is a process-based practice using context as mutable source material. The scenography combines paper sculptures and text with soundscapes.
The Welcome Habitat addresses the concept of the Dark Forest Theory. “Dark forest theory” holds that civilizations fear one another so much that they don’t dare to reveal themselves lest they immediately be considered a potential threat and destroyed.
In contrast to this theory The Welcome Habitat introduces a very open and a more friendly approach.
The new paper Scifi scenario uses SDR ( to capture a variety of signals from outer space. SDR is a radio communication system which uses software for the modulation and demodulation of satellite signals.
Meet The Visitors and listen to the soundscape from outer space.
In this enactment ‘worldmaking’ is used as a framework for pluralistic, imaginative scenario development. The point of departure is a practice to embrace uncertainty, discomfort and knowledge gaps. It holds that there is no singular, objective world (or “real reality”), and instead that worlds are multiple, constructed through creative processes instead of given, and always in the process of becoming."
PS:28​ is a 28 hours residency where artists are invited to make a new work in the time and space given. ​PS:28​ takes place in the ​project space of Communitism, PS: at Keramikou 28.
Starting at 14:00​, an artist will occupy PS:
19:00 next day, PS: will be open for public for The Verni-finissage.