Feb 4

PS:28 / Pilgrimage to the dead-zone- a restrospective on the anthropocene

starts: 19.00
"Pilgrimage to the dead-zones: A retrospective on the anthropocene"
A 28h residency by Demi Spriggs
‘This may be understood via a borrowed term: an archeology of a future. A future, perhaps not so distant, that may or may not have ever happened. What could be found in another possible future? What remnants and forms of human kind or humanoid kind will have been encountered by then? This is an excavated account of a future ethnographer’s research on a post-apocalyptic society— the Toxic Temple’
How might we be archived by future post and non-human subjectivities? Pilgrimage to the dead-zones offers up an ethnographic account of our time. Exploring not the 1000s of potential post-anthropocenes to come, but rather how they, whatever matter they may be, might come to terms with our brief human cycle on the planet.
The Toxic Temple Project was founded by Kilian Joerg and Ana Lerchbaumer in Vienna. It has started a rolling series of performances that attempt to account for the religious and spiritual foundation of the anthropocene’s obsession with waste. Pilgrimage to the deadzone (taken from the eponymously titled text, co-written by Sabrina Buehn, Kilian Joerg and Demi Spriggs) draws on ethnographic studies of societal relationships with the life cycle and the immortal properties of plastic.
The afterlife, a christian obsession, an almost universal human feat.
In a society where plastic is worshiped as a passage to the afterlife, what of the garbage truck?
Is a bin-man then a pastor? A scrap collector, a saint?
Might a speckle of microplastic glittering on the ocean have been enough to make the mouth water?
PS:28​ is a 28 hours residency where artists are invited to make a new work in the time and space given. ​PS:28​ takes place in the ​project space of Communitism, PS: at Keramikou 28.
Starting at 14:00​, an artist will occupy PS:
19:00 next day, PS: will be open for public for The Verni-finissage.