Feb 7

PS: Long Live The Internet! – Sebastian Oară

starts: 20.00
ends: 23.00
This Friday, 07 February
One night only
Opening at 20:00
Long Live The Internet!
by Sebastian Oară
The evolution of technology leaves an increasingly larger footprint on our recent history. At the same time, it becomes obvious that there is a mutation to a hybrid world dominated by the symbiosis between the material and the digital. Following this paradigm shift, the digital is pumped everywhere and its omnipresence becomes undeniable. Even though sometimes its insertion is imperceptible, the digital is present [sic] always. A transition in aesthetics also takes place simultaneously with this universal mutation. The new post-digital aesthetic assimilates elements of the functional digital interfaces and is often based on their appearance.
We live in a post-internet society defined by a culture of swiping and scrolling, liking and following, copy-pasting, dragging and dropping. We are bombarded with information that overloads us from all directions and everything is moving faster than ever. Technology is controlling, replacing, updating and constantly reconfiguring us and what defines us as humans in general. The digital has been ubiquitous for a long time, transhumanism has become a trivial, banal reality and posthumanism is knocking on our door.