Nov 5
- Nov 14

PS: Head2Head

starts: 21.00
ends: 17.00
PS: Head2Head
(Creatures in the attic)
PS: is happy to be part of the bilateral-exhibition project Head2Head in Athens
Opening 5 Nov. 21:00 to 01:00 with Art, Performances & DJ's
For full program of the opening night:
11-12 and 13 November from 18:00 to 22:30
All other days between 6 and 14 November we are open on Appointment.
The performance of Anastasis Panagis Meletis with Flora Vavoula on 5, 11 and 13 November will be an unfolding story spread out and concluding on our closing event on the evening of 13 November.
Performances start at 21:00
The Head2Head festival collaborates with 11 artist-run spaces all over central Athens in showcasing the works of 45 Greek and Iceland-based artists.
6 of these artists will present their work at PS:
Curated by Maaike Stutterheim Team PS:
Almar Atlason.
"Still Haunted on Route F35"
Driving fast in the fog is nice. The faster you go the slower you feel. Forgetting the emails and the parking tickets. Forgetting the nostalgic cartoons revisited for the gazillionth time accompanied by microwave pizzas and bathtubs of ice cream. Time becomes a thick white blanket then. Then your mortgage, your treacherous childhood friends and that looming unopened letter from the bank take their rightful place behind the blanket. Accompanied by deities, demons and creatures from way back before there were species.
Almar (1992) is an artist working from Reykjavík, Iceland who as a general rule of thumb feels uncomfortable. He likes to make pretty things and contradict himself. He works mainly with performance, insecurity, painting and installation.
Anastasis Panagis Meletis with Flora Vavoula.
page 64010035
opposite interdependent pairs
Turning history into nature
Learning what is forbidden and what is permitted
The same fairy tale, over and over again, until the end
The boy kills the dragon,
The prince saves the princess And they lived Happily Ever After.
Interacting once again from the beginning Without any guilt or innocence (this time) Without good and evil
With lov ❤
PS: No monster was killed during the deconstruction of this story
Anastasis Panagis Meletis
Insta: @p.anas.m
Flora Vavoula
Giorgos Tserionis.
"Performance vessel" series
All works by Giorgos Tserionis are answers to his main question: “What is the function of vessels today, what could be their content?” He is not concerned with manufacturing usable vessels or realistic ceramic sculptures. The vessel as a scape, sometimes completely abstract distorted, like a rhetorical device, is the central point of reference in his works.
Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir.
Hildigunnur's practice can be seen as an exploration of complex systems through simple or naïve interfaces. Playing with the tensions between our need to create abstract systems of knowledge, and the physical limitations of our own systems of perception, her work wryly reveals the imperfections, eccentricities, and elements of the nonsensical at the intersection of ideal, and human, understanding.
Sigurður Ámundason.
Landscape With Logo, nr 1, 2 and 3.
Sigurður was born in 1986 and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. He graduated with a BA degree in fine arts at the Iceland Academy of Arts in 2012. Since then he has held eleven solo exhibitions, participated in numerous group shows and performed countless performances. Ámundason uses drawing as his foundation medium but also creates installations, sculptures, video-art, bookwork, photography, theatre and performance art.
Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson.
Graphic Novel Virus.
Styrmir is a graphic artist and a performer living in Berlin. At the opening he will commit a performance. With words and images he will paint a picture of the unfolding of a grotesque show that has taken the World by storm.