May 6

PS: Head vs Body (Chef: Filippos Vasileiou  Sous chef: Agapi Zarda )

starts: 20.00

Head vs Body

Chef: Filippos Vasileiou 

Sous chef: Agapi Zarda 


"Head vs Body" is a work in progress, in which I turn my gaze towards myself. I create a replica of my head on a monumental scale. I enter into it. I occupy and move it in such a way that it functions as a body. I open a part of it and invite the audience to come inside and listen to me. In this way, I give the audience the scenic tour of my world - my world becomes theirs; since they’ve now been inside my head, I am also now in their heads." 

I attempt to reconstruct a performance version where different arts and sensory elements are present in the experience. In the end we will offer a complimentary hairstyling session to whoever wants, so we can make hair soup later.


Saturday May 6th

Open 20:00

Performance 21:00