Jun 24

Patari Records X Kino28 [HΞΧ, Film Jacket 35, Primo Bake]

starts: 20.00
Το Πατάρι είναι μια σύμπραξη μουσικών, ηχοληπτών και φίλων στον χώρο ενός παλιού εργοστασίου στην Αθήνα, και ένα distro - label με σκοπό την παρουσίαση και προώθηση των άλμπουμ και της αισθητικής των επιμέρους σχημάτων που το απαρτίζουν.
Τρείς από τις μπάντες του ενώνονται για ένα triple bill-πάρτυ-παρουσίαση της νέας κιθαριστικής σοδειάς του Patari Records στην αυλή του Kino 28.
Προτεινόμενη συνεισφορά: 4Ε
ΗΞΧ are a band from Athens, Greece. Created in 2014 as a raw fuzzy duo when Dimitrios and Steve crossed paths and bonded over a love for modern lo-fi garage rock. Currently a four piece, and with more than a few ‘energetic’ shows under their belt, They make music influenced by their punk adolescence, blending foreign and local strains of rock into three minute mini-anthems about anything. ΗΞΧ have released two albums on cassette through their home label, Patari Records together with Lychnopolis and are working on their first full blown LP, to be released in 2022.
Film Jacket 35 set out to bring an impulsive, furious perception of sounds and melodies to the culture that is dominating their mood and attitude. Since 2014 they have released two albums and one EP, they have played quite a few shows around Greece and France and they have met some new bands-friends with whom they started their own label "Patari Records". After a long period of inactivity due to Covid19 pandemic, they decided to say hi!
First, tip your low-fat buttery guitar into a bowl. Then, break your 99% dark chocolate sticks into small pieces. Next, add some tangy orange harmonies and some soft creamy melodies. Finally, put your mix into the electric mixer and set it to “Max Speed” or over. The resulting batter is to be baked at exactly 420°C for approximately 25 minutes. And there you have it... a delicious Primo Bake.