Mar 4
- Mar 15

OPEN CALL to play Night Visions – the cats larp

starts: 12.00
OPEN CALL to play Night Visions - the cats larp
DEAD LINE to Apply 15. March
Email to:
Loosely based on cats the musical, Night Visions invites you to explore your imagination using strategies from Live Action Role Play (LARP). LARP is both a form of participatory social art and a game structure, where participants develop a specific character and through their interplay with the others create the actual game. The result is a holistic work where the participation is an intense, time based unique experience.
On the evening of 21 of March, to celebrate the spring equinox we will transform into cats. The participants will be assigned a unique character for the happening. If you want to play, email with a few words about yourself.
Night visions will take place in PS: (Project Space of Communitism) on Saturday the 21st of March, in collaboration with Communitism.
Night Visions is a Dada Post Production - by Ingeborg Wie Henriksen written in collaboration with Johanne Boeckmann, Svenja Wolff and Esben Holk.
Ingeborg Wie is currently the artist in residence of Burning Athens, which supported the research of the project