Jul 8

M2M8 #8: “The Precariat” A work in progress

starts: 20.00
A 28hr residency
“The Precariat” – A Work in Progress
Multimedia Theater Performance
Concept – Idea, Research, Creation: Lydia Xourafi, Vaggi Fousseki
Performer: Lydia Xourafi
Audiovisual media: Vaggi Fousseki
The experience of precarious living conditions, (un)employment difficulties and limited resources comprise common phenomena for citizens in today’s capital cities like Athens, Greece. The current performance is an artistic research project based on the subjective experience of young individuals in Athens, Greece dealing with anger, anomie, anxiety and alienation resulting in the fragmented identity of the “precariat”. Young adults’ narratives living in Athens where collected during 2017 and 2018 and used as a starting point for artistic research process. Participants tried to describe how they view themselves in the current situation where the so called “positivity” is unstable and limited resulting to a liminal state characterized by feelings of uncertainty, instability and inability for expression and connectedness. The key themes resulted from the narrative analysis and the visual materal was the starting point for the creation of a multimedia performance describing the “Precariat”. The piece is a work in progress aiming in communicating the complexity of the condition of precarity in today’s urban environments of developed countries.
M2M8​ is a 28 hours residency where artists are invited to make a new work in the time and space given. ​M2M8​ takes place in the ​MEME gallery, Keramikou 28, Metaxourgeio​.
Starting on ​Sunday at 14:00​, an artist will occupy the MEME gallery, on ​Monday at 20:00 the gallery will be open for public for The Vernifinissage.
Wheelchair accessible space . Unfortunately, there is no accessible toilet for wheelchairs.