Jun 17

M2M8 #7: MENU

starts: 20.00
ends: 23.00
A 28hr residency
By Ismene King
What would it feel like to bite into hard plaster? Chew on a piece of rubber? What is the flavor of coloured glass, of glazed clay, of translucent silicone with snakes printed on acetate inside?
A sculptor takes on the role of a fantasy chef, drawing out a menu of imaginary edible works. Thinking of the essence of sculpting materials and the process of conveying meaning through mixing them up, pouring them, using them as building blocks, placing them into position and presenting them into a space for one to interact with, art making has a close relationship to cooking. In this scenario cooking becomes a replacement to art making; sculpting materials translate into cooking ingredients. The works imagined would be used, consumed, ingested with all the senses, in the most fulfilling manner.
During the 28 hour residency, Ismene King aims to explore her practice through relating it to food. A relationship which enables maker and viewer to experience and respond to a work through a most grounded, familiar, internal, bodily manner.
M2M8​ is a 28 hours residency where artists are invited to make a new work in the time and space given. ​M2M8​ takes place in the ​MEME gallery, Keramikou 28, Metaxourgeio​.
Starting on ​Sunday at 14:00​, an artist will occupy the MEME gallery, on ​Monday at 20:00 the gallery will be open for public for The Vernifinissage.