Jul 22

Happiness is a chicken – Open Air Screening – Balkan Can Kino

starts: 21.00
Happiness is a Chicken - Unlearning - Documentary
Directed by Lucio Basadonne & Anna Pollio
Documentary, Italy, 2015
72 minutes
Free Entrance
A western typical family: Parents work 8 hours a day, the little girl goes to school until 4 PM. When dinner time comes, this family sadly figures out that they are simply too tired and ends up talking about mortgage and bills or how they would arrange the next “survival” day!
What would happen if they would "unlearn" our way of living?
Wouldn’t it be nice to finally start sharing time and space, embracing the approach of those who have a different concept of family & relationships? How would they consider their previous life style, after their return? Would be truly eager to go back to it again?
Director Biography - Lucio Basadonne, Anna Pollio
Before “Happiness is a chicken” (Unlearning), Lucio Basadonne was director of commercials and documentaries (on TV broadcasters e.g. Comedy Central, MTV, etc.), and his own bizarre video clips. When it came to more complex situations, he joined as a camera assistant, or director’s 1st assistant. In the Unlearing project, he’s the “factotum” for all audio-video issues. Anna Pollio, his wife, is a teacher.