Mar 7

Fidivicious Full Moon rituals

starts: 18.00

. Fidivicious 

Full Moon rituals 

7th march, communitism, organized by Ale in collab with keramolab

After the hard crust of winter, soil is unveiling their nourishment. In our hemisphere, this call happens in March, when the alliance between the first warmth and the magnetic power on fluids prepares the spring tides of pleasure. Also known as the Full Moon of the Worm, this powerful event is when slithering creatures, along with the humidity they were bred in, emerge from the underworld to cherish oxygen.

The serpent is the lunar face of Virgo. The snake, creature of Time-Without-Age, the Uroborous, was called “vicious” by patriarchal culture. As female bodies, we were forced to lose contact with our venomous, slithering side - and to dismiss our fabulous scaly skin. We want to remember the ancestral time of insecurity, when we came out from the alien world of seas and rested our bodies on the warm sand. We were fragile beings of a hybrid breath, delicately tasting the earth world through a hissing tongue. They called our divine forms: monsters. Let’s re-appropriate of our beyond-human freedom connected with the ecosystem that gives us life.

Medusa was a wonderful beauty and a fabulous monster. She is the daughter of a divinity of deep sea mysteries (Forco). She has bronze claws, pork fangs and a swarming mass of snake hair. Her gaze petrifies males: that’s why Perseus, using his shield as a mirror, cuts her head off. When Perseus gently poses the head on the seashore, softly laying on the sand, the head bleeds out a liquid that metamorphosizes in coral.

φίδι vicious wants to be a time together taking care of these vulnerable self transitioning from winter to spring. During this time, we celebrate transition in a slow process that from care practices goes through transformation to a ritual, which culminates into a party. It is also a space where you can eat, drink, rest, dance. No form of harassing behaviors will be tolerated.