May 25

EROIKA Workshop & Installation – by G. Spugnoli

starts: 16.00
ends: 20.00
Dear friends, we are happy to invite you to the most feminist participative project of the year! EroiKa comes from Italy to Greece to bring power and collective awareness to women and anyone who feels as such.
READ carefully THE PRESENTATION (below) and SIGN UP if you want to partecipate.
25th May: EroiKa WORKSHOP 4 - 8pm
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The workshop is on a FREE DONATION basis to cover materials costs.
26th May: Social thursday with Eroika
Photo - installation , zines & more - Join us!
The WORKSHOP is a creative collective and individual experience, in which we will transform ourselves in super EroiKas , so let's find our hidden heroic personality , let's change our bodys with the art of ornament and imagination and become part of this ongoing project and the EroiKa international community !
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Through the art of body ornamentation the participants (further described as performers) elaborate a heroic self-portrait on their own body: The HeroiKa character.
- introduction to the workshop by the artist
- a schematic sketch is made of the ornamental and symbolic elements and the meaning that this transformation should have.
- Through mirroring, each participant reflects and elaborates on the own HeroiKa character.
A dialogue is established between oneself and one's own image, but also with the others who are in the same room.
PRACTICAL ASPECTS: the artist has prepared different raw materials, such as paper, cardboard, aluminium, wire, string, adhesive tape, markers, tempera, etc. Both performers can bring their favourite ornamental objects and use them for their Heroika characters.
Eroika characters. Each woman creates her own EroiKa, the artist is available for technical help.
- Ornamentation is also disguise, masquerade. But also transfiguration into the heroic part of each participant. Thus it reveals something that struggles to emerge in everyday life.
- the self-portrait as a performance in which a movement is made from the inside to the outside.
It makes visible something numinous and symbolic that comes from deep within.
A temporary community of Heroikas is created.
Fixing - documenting the transformation through portrait photography.
- Half-length portrait with black / fantasy / white background, depending on the situation.
- The participants become performers, using their bodies to assume the appearance of their original heroic character.
- being portrayed in this case serves to fix the magical instant of transformation.
- Being portrayed in this case serves to fix the magical moment of transformation.
the photographic portrait precisely because it is "frozen" triggers the mythological vision and is really the heroic portrait of that person, which coincides perfectly with it.
- Each performer writes a descriptive/presentative text of their HeroiKa.
- With the text alongside they become "talking" images.
3. Phase (afterWORKSHOP)
The photographic portraits are graphically reworked in post-production with Adobe Photoshop.
- In order to achieve a symbolic enhancement and move away from reality, we chose black and white
black and white and a poster effect that flattens the details making them more essential.
- The images thus created are printed on paper.
- contrast between performance and documentation. The photographic image is printed in several copies, in various formats. Reference to the technical reproducibility reference to the technical reproducibility of Benjamin's artwork in contrast to the archaic nature of primary creative experience.
4. Phase
This collective work can be exhibited by attaching the prints to a wall, all together creating a mass of images.
- the artist creates the book of the series.