Jan 18
- Mar 7

E/merging traditions

starts: 16.00
ends: 18.00
Our present is built upon traditions delivered to us from generation to generation. However, every now and then, when populations merge, traditions follow and new ones emerge, transcending physical borders.
In these traditional dancing sessions, we will catch hands and start exploring different styles, rhythms, and motifs of a variety of regional dances from Cappadocia to Southern Italy, where there were Greek-speaking populations from the ancient times. Through the dances, the music, and the costumes we will observe how Greek traditions developed and adapted to these regions. Gradually, we will expand the studied regions inviting representatives of cultures currently active in Athens, encouraging the osmosis of the new traditions e/merging now in our city.
Can we avoid the societal and gender stereotypes that have reached us from the past, and enhance our body autonomy through dancing? Join us every Saturday for this horizontal skill-sharing workshop. Come to learn, but also share your knowledge and perception of tradition!
Workshop Curator: Anna Maria Alexi