Mar 17
- Mar 21

Camelbutts Reloaded 2022: Upcycling Design techniques with Sophia Wamelling

starts: 18.00
ends: 20.00
Brand History:
The name 2020untainted. (spoken: twenty-twenty-untainted) has two parts and stands for the ambition to make unapologetically sustainable and clean clothes despite any obstacles during
the sourcing and manufacturing process.
It started with a 100% recyclable capsule collection in 2020, in which all the clothes were made out of Lyocell and dyed with a sustainable dye made by bacteria. During the years of the pandemic, 2020untainted started focusing more on redesigning post consumer materials which can be sourced locally.
The aim is to make size inclusive, modern and high quality new pieces by using high quality second hand materials such as silk, cashmere, wool and cotton.
Today 2020untainted. is an upcycling brand and makes only unique ‘one of’ pieces without season. Head designer and bespoke tailor Sophia Wameling makes every piece by hand in her Studio in Berlin.
2020untainted. does not follow the regular fashion seasons, the upcycling process is so time consuming and meticulous that it is more important to make sure that each product is individually perfected before it can move on to new experiences. The collection grows with time and could be seen as a learning curve. Once a piece is completed it becomes part of the sequence made up of individual pieces.
Three words to describe the collection: untainted, colorful, fun
Designer Quote:
‘Every second hand garment comes with something like a pre-existing condition. It is my job to prepare them for their next round of experiences, by making them fun and new again. In my eyes especially products that are made out of animal derived materials like silk, wool and cashmere need to be appreciated and re-used. ’ - Sophia Wameling
About the Brand:
We want to learn how to take care of our clothes again and to appreciate the sacrifices being made while being able to dress in a guilt free and fun way. Comfort, elegance and size inclusivity are most important to us and we would like to see you share your clothes with the
people you love.
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