May 25

Butterflies & Camels x Zoll Projekt | ThisIsNotAFashionShow

starts: 12.00
In Communitism, we believe in common practice. For this reason, and because we are looking forward to embodying the camel or the butterfly, we have invited artists and crafters to create with us an outstanding NotAFashionShow, dedicated to these two lovely creatures and their unlimited combinations.
We took clothes from our free-shop Zoristirio and for two months we cut them, sewed them, stiched them, painted them, and all the things one can do to a piece of fabric making sure it is zero waste. We taught each other, modeled for each other.
Collectively, we planned a beautiful show for you: the writers of CampfireStories are giving birth to texts that are going to surround the models walk in an open-stage hosted by Kangela Tromokratisch, and so will artworks from the team Perspectives ArtMostafa Rajabi is going to have a session of body-painting inside the building for those of you that want to become alive artworks ! AdTattoo will have a stand for flash tatoos for those who wants to get a quick ink ! Our architects are building a special scenography for the occasion. And the cherry on top: we are hosting the collective of Parisian artists Zoll Projekt as residents and they are going to set up a wonderful visual and musical background for the performance.
► Zoll Projekt is coming from Paris with a team of musicians, Djs, scenographers and digital artists : check their page to learn more!
◄◄ ThisIsNotAFashionShow ►►
Fashion is all about trend, fast changes, seasonality, consumerism. What we’re doing is not a fashion show because we do not agree with this way of defining how we choose to appear. We want to promote creative autonomy and radical self-expression : like before industrialization, taking the time to create goods like clothes, accessories or furniture should become a usual practice. Likewise, learning how to reuse and recycle is an urgent necessity. Having Past & Future as engines, our performance will show and value actions taken in the present and long-term thinking.
Fashion is also about beauty standards and social control of bodies and existences. We aim to make a statement against stigmatization of bodies : fat, skinny, old, hairy, queer, trans, non-binary, handicapped, racialized, sexualized, scarified. We want to promote different stories of unormative people, through their clothing, make-up and modeling performance.
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► This project is created in collaboration with Zoll ProjektCollectif Ascidiacea, artists of Perspectives Art, writers of CampfireStories, drag-queen Kangela Tromokratisch, scenographer Efrosyni Tsiritaki, Fashion designer Calliope Poppy Anastouli of WAKEUPCUT, fashion blogger Renatsan Nikos Pantazi, photographer Chris BeChris, paintor Mostafa Rajabi, fashion designer Shafi Style, tattoo artist AdTattoo !
► ABOUT ZOLL PROJEKT: We are so grateful to collaborate with the team of parisian artists from Zoll Projekt. Combining their cultures and visions, they aim to promote electronic music and all-around visual/digital arts in an attempt to bring a new way to share and celebrate.
Any violent/sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic behaviour is strictly condemned.