May 27

Butterflies & Camels | SundayContemporaryMythology

starts: 17.00
On the day of European Elections, we invite you to approach the concept of the past and the future as myths.
►► 5.00 p.m. @ Dimosio Sima: "Animal with two legs and no wings"
The performance aims to spread the (in)famous Epitaph, the speach Perikles gave at the exact spot in 430 b.C. when Athens was receiving the first dead warriors of the Peloponnesean war. This war lasted for 30 years and ended the Athenian dominance over the rest of the Greek territorries. But how did Perikles really convince his people over such a war? This speach shows how the values of democracy and freedom can be arguements over a discourse of war, much like it is today.
◄◄ 7.00 p.m. @ Communitism "An exercise in critically addressing the future"
Having considered how the past can be overidealised and used to manipulate the masses, we are glad to welcome Isabelle Vuong for a partcipatory exercise that questions the idea of future as a set-goal. Isabelle will show us how to reaffirm the focus in the Here and Now for our actions as citizen. A discussion on how democracy is practised today will follow.
This will be the introduction for our Social Week where Communitism will be open everyday to show how effectively we can take actions in the present to commonly create a decent, sustainable and inclusive future.
To follow the full-process of the social week of Communitism :
Any violent/sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic behaviour is strictly condemned.