Jun 16
- Jun 17

Athens Pride: Safer Spaces

starts: 18.00
ends: 23.00
Part of Athens Pride week, Communitism is proud to host two days of events:
1. Navigating Consent (workshop)
Thursday 16/6 @18:00
The wheel of consent based workshop helps you understand your desires, communicate your desires to others and create powerful, shared agreements for all kinds of physical touch, verbal connections and sexual encounters.
2. Queer Cuddle Party (embodied session)
Thursday 16/6 @20.30
A cuddle party is a great possibility to exchange nourishing and healing touch. Many of us experienced touch deprivation during the pandemic or in our lives in some way or another. This lack can foster feelings of shame, isolation and can play a part in anxiety and depression as well. The cuddle movements brought to attention, that besides the need for sexuality and sexual expression and touch, we also have an equally important need for loving (non-sexual) energy and touch.
This workshop is centering LGBTIQA+ /queer folks. Friends and allies are welcome, if you know how to respect lesbian, gay, bi-,pansexual, trans*, inter*, non-binary and genderqueer people.
3. Safer Chems (presentation + film screening + group discussion)
Friday 17/6 @18:00
Using substances for sex and socialising is not a new phenomenon. Drug use was documented among gay men and other men who have sex with men long before the term “chemsex” was coined. Chemsex, which has come to the attention of public health professionals in the past decade, involves both sexual and drug-related high risk behaviours such as multiple sexual partners, the use of multiple drugs together, and injecting drug use.
Screening of Vice Documentary: Chemsex
Speaker/Facilitator: Ivan March
Workshops presented by VJJ, Sexual Healing Community -
Vajayjay is an inquiry into collective processing of sexual trauma.
Vajayjay is a gender & sexuality creativity cooperative.
Vajayjay tells stories of the unsung.
Vajayjay fuses depth & difficulty with sass & humour.
Vajayjay is an exercise in allyship.
Vajayjay is a strange Hydra that shape-shifts according to the community’s needs.
Vajayjay explores ways in which we can give power to one another, to weather storms of sexual aggression, violence & trauma.
We see our wounds and our scars and we learn from them.
We do this in an experimental way via pop-up installations, space takeovers, guerrilla art-making, learning materials, workshops, talks, training, zines, digital art, somatic practices, community meet-ups and any medium you can dream of.
4. Dangerous Pride (multimedia exhibition runs from 16/6-19/6)
Presentation & talk: Friday 17/6 @20:00
Ukraine’s queer artists and activists have been fighting fearlessly for the dream of rights, dignity, tolerance, inclusion and positivity – a hopeful, democratic future for one of Europe’s youngest nations. Almost a decade after the Euromaidan uprising captured the world’s imagination, a post-revolutionary energy is still burning brightly and can be felt in the freedom and self expression’s in Kyiv’s interlocking art, activist and club culture scenes. Ukraine’s heroic resistance against an overwhelmingly more powerful Russian military has shocked and surprised outside observers. But for anyone who has ever stepped foot in Kyiv in recent years, it comes as no surprise: Ukrainians have been fighting for freedom and a positive future, through acts of defiance big and small, for years – generations even. This group show is organised under the banner of Underground 4 Ukraine, a European-wide network of countercultural organisations making acts of solidarity with their counterparts in Ukraine.
5. Snap (Athens Queer Comedy Club) open mic night: Friday 17/6 @ 21:00
Athens' first queer stand up comedy night will close the two days of events with a great selection of queer comedians trying their luck at comedy!
Language: Greek