Nov 14

An evening with Federica Dauri + guests

starts: 19.00
ends: 23.00
MEME is thrilled to host international performance artist Federica Dauri for one night only!
We will have local guest artists participating, music and a cute cocktail bar with all proceedings going towards keeping the Communitism space going.
Federica Dauri
Installative performance, long durational
Still net and body
The tactility of the presence, in dialogue with the nature of the surrounding elements: the space, the invocation of non-action, of the dimension of silence and the trace of its presence.
Presence and absence, visible and invisible.
The oppressed body finds alternatives of existence within the given limits.
The body melts into matter, becoming the sculpture itself.
See-through was presented for the first time during the group show #SADEME at Xavier Laboulbenne, Berlin (April 19th-June 14th 2019)
Guest Artist participants:
Antigone Theodorou
Antigone Theodorou is a performance artist based in Athens. Theodorou deploys interventionist strategy in her work, exploring the boundaries between the individual, the collective and the ephemeral. She has a special interest on Nature-Culture relationships, Live Art and performance but she is also active in the fields of installation, video, photography, poetry and their interactions.
Nullam Rem Natam
Back by popular demand, taking over the Basement crypt.
Nullam Rem Natam are an entity and performance group, founded in Berlin in 2016.
Nullam Rem Natam create and destroy.
Their actions are reactions.
Their reason is absurd and absurd is chaos.
Unfolding secrets, revealing fears, abusing the psyche.
Hunters of intensity and seekers of purgation.
An eternal circle, the serpent devouring its tail.
Κυριάκος Αποστολίδης
Το σώμα ως μεσολαβητής της άυλης, εσωτερικής του πραγματικότητας εκδηλώνει την παρουσία της. Η performance 'Texture' εστιάζοντας στο αίσθημα, καλεί σε επαφή τις δυο υποστάσεις του ανθρώπου. Διαμέσου εξερεύνησης της αφής αναζητείται ο εσωτερικός παλμός συντονισμού και αποκάλυψης της ουσίας του. Η ενέργεια μετουσιώνετε σε ίχνος, αποτυπώνοντας την εμπειρία.
Odette Kouzou
Beetroot Flesh
Food is already highly charged with meaning and affect. Following that concept, I am thinking about the possibilities are born when food is used in ways that can be deemed as absurd. In performance art various kinds of foodstuffs as well as the theme of eating and cooking have been employed in many unconventional ways. Since women have been given the role of food-makers in our societies, for feminist artists food holds an extra layer of implications.
Throughout my performance beetroot works in order to bring the inside out, on the skin’s surface. In a further extend the female body can be perceived as food itself. Aesthetically pleasing, it works metaphorically as the flesh is becoming visible. Food as flesh, body as food.
Hawk Stigmata