Mar 24

800 Gondomar · UVVUTV · Giorgio and The Hidden Tears live at Communitism/Kino 28

starts: 20.00

Live show with garage-rockers 800 Gondomar straight from Porto, Portugal. Warming up the stage will be the fresh post-punk/gaze project UVVUTV and singer/songwriter Giorgio Zavos alongside his band The Hidden Tears. See you all there!

Communitism/Kino 28
Κεραμεικού 28
Doors: 20:30
Suggested Donation: 5 €

Poster by Patri Agramunt (Instagram: @lookatthisbyme)



800 Gondomar are often stated as one of the best live acts in Portugal, with their mix of distorted noise-punk garage always ready to crush any stage and hit your ears with that sweet and damaging sound. Their debut album - Linhas de Baixo - took them to national cult status, with over 100 performances all over the country and a six-week long european tour. Highlights of it include headliner shows at NOS Alive (Lisbon, PT) and playing / opening for bands like The Black Lips, Thee oh Sees, Fat White Family and more.

After a brief hiatus due to their busy schedules with other musical projects, 800 Gondomar are back with their sophomore LP - São Gunão - which is scheduled to be released mid-2023. Before blasting through the stages full-time again, the band is excited to do a pre-release experimental tour, debuting some of the new previously unheard tunes in an outsider sphere. And after some introspective time in Samothraki, they are ready to hit the rest of the country!



UVVUTV are a four-piece band founded on a common desire to explore and create music that evokes, and allows space for, deep thought and feeling. The name of the band is a hint to the unique relationship between sound and music, light and video, or more generally any basic natural occurrence paired with the infinite human effort to capture and reproduce it to convey feelings. The band is based in Patari Records’ headquarters in Athens, Greece.



A 5 member band, the Hidden Tears are compiled by Giorgio Zavos on the rhythm guitar and Vocals, Andreas Kintonis lead guitar, Vicky Xethali on the keys, George Papachatzopoulos on the Bass and Iason Pachos on the Drums.

In this particular ensemble, the group is performing songs composed by Giorgio, from his personal collection, written way before he thought he would be in a band, intended for an ever eluding -yet one step closer- solo album.