Mar 1
- Apr 4

Collectivised ownership masterclass 4-12 April Open call!

Collectivised ownership masterclass 

"Empowering communities of Greece II - Knowledge on sustainable practices of commoning in housing and use of space. " is an Erasmus+ funded project that enables us to support our ecosystem into creating more open, collectively run spaces.
In the period of 4-12 of April, experts Verena Lenna of Community Landtrust Brussels and Petar Atanackovic of inwole e.V and the Mietheuser Syndikat will hold a 5 session masterclass in Athens, with the scope of equipping local communities with the necessary tools to actualize their goals, working on the specific case studies they would like to bring. Issues like architecture and building programming, business Planning and fundraising will be central to our common work.
The program of the masterclass will be tailor made on the participants' needs. If you are part of a community that wishes to found a collective housing project , please subscribe, as there is a limited participants number to 20 people. Subscription is free for associated members ( full or honorary membership to the association) and 50 euros for non associated members. The sessions will be held in English , in afternoon/ non working hours.

Since 2020 Communitism , together with Ethos and the Greek Network for the right to Housing, have been empowering local communities with knowledge on collective housing. In 2022, we received a second grant through Erasmus+ that allows us to go deeper in applied case studies .