Nov 9
- Nov 30

3D Collage workshop

starts: 17.00
In this 6 session workshop we will explore collage in 3D form through a progression of techniques that work up from 3D form and texture on a 2D surface to 3D forms like assemblage, sculptural collage, diorama and mobile.
The objective is for participants to progress from the synthesis of forms and images to also using texture and perspective and create intriguing 3D objects that can be decorative, art
objects or just playful experiments.
Participants will have the chance to explore a variety of materials and possibilities in a relaxed and friendly environment.
No previous experience is required.
Core materials (scissors, cutters, glue, textiles, acetate, boxes, plywood, string) will be provided according to each session’s technique, but participants are invited to also contribute their own materials to the group process where possible. (Think of it as a form of Stone Soup (
>> Sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 7.00pm and Saturdays at 5.00pm at Typografeio.
>> The duration of each session will be 1hr and 45mins.
Maximum number of participants per session: 8.
>> Free entry. Suggested donation 3 euros