Oct 10

2 BCKFS – Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way

starts: 20.00
2 BCKFS - Screening 1st Floor
Part of the Social Thursdays of Communitism ->
Social Thursday - Forget Winnetou! Loving in the wrong way
Free Entrance
Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way
Dir. Red Haircrow
Germany/USA, 2017
Duration 70'
The same mentality that ignores Indigenous rights to self-representation are often those who also stereotype and gaslight GLBTIIQ people, women, the disabled or economically challenged, especially people of color, just for desiring change and equality. It is basically saying, 'My gratification is more important than your dignity, your rights or even your life.' Germany is a microcosm of struggles taking place across western society both against and for decolonization; for correcting white privilege, supremacist belief and a patriarchal mentality that’s divided and helped destroy cultures, peoples and our world. We explore the roots of racism, colonialism, and appropriation in Germany from a rarely considered perspective: the Native American they adore.
The 2nd BCK Film Symposium / Localities / Balkan Can Kino that will take place in Athens, from the 4th to the 12th of October 2019.
This year film collectives, filmmakers, art practitioners and theorists will present lectures, discussions, panels, projections and art installations, on the broader concept of "LOCALITIES" (area; neighbourhood; place; position; district; community; settlement; site; spot; space; setting; location, and so on).