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The Project Space of Communitism
PS: can stand for ProjectSpace, PostScriptum, PerformanceSpace, PrivateSpace, PublicSpace, PlaySpace, PrintSpace, PhotoSpace …..
PS: is a vibrant and diverse collective of visual artists that aims to enhance communication between artists, art lovers and those who happen to stumble upon the work presented at PS: . We use a model of exhibition- making that focuses on the importance of facilitating artists with an open space to present their work and work-in-progress to a diverse audience.

The selection of participants and projects is based on the independent, experimental and communicative attitude artists express through their work. PS: encourages surprise, flexibility, and self-organisation and offers a space to present fresh ideas and discuss their further development. PS: is not a temple but a platform that functions as a vivid laboratory with its own dynamics, making it worthwhile to visit regularly.

PS: is part of the Communitism building which is located in the city centre. The building houses different cultural venues and activities and is very vibrant and alive. For more information on the location and the activities in the building, please check

PS: is always looking for artists that are: advancing, adventurous, aggressive, alert, ambitious, aspiring, audacious, bold, busy, coming on strong, craving, daring, dashing, diligent, driving, eager, enthusiastic, go-ahead, gumptious, hard ball, hardworking, hungry, hustling, industrious, intrepid, itching, keen, lively, lusting, peppy, progressive, pushing, ready, self-starting, snappy, spanking, spark plug, spirited, stirring, take-over, up-and-coming, venturesome,

Our Projects

GO-GO28H residency1