Vice Versa

Vice Versa theater group a was created in 2009 on the initiative of Angeliki Girginoudis, who already had experience with special population groups.
More than a hundred people, from 33 countries, have worked with the team to date, making up a mosaic of cultures, languages ​​and skills. Greece, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Moldova, Netherlands, Palestine, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Iran, Poland, Bulgaria, Albania, Russia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, Cameroon, Armenia, India , Italy, England, Tanzania, Kurdistan, South Africa, France, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil. The composition changes and renews itself with every show we put on, as this world is on the move, but most people continue to participate in the collective life of the group. This social dimension is very important to us, as important as the artistic dimension, since our common goal is the performance. Artists from all over the world collaborate in our shows: actors, stage designers, musicians, choreographers, theater technicians. This mix is ​​very interesting and is reflected both in the composition of the group and in the composition of our audience. It releases a lot of power and creates the conditions for the best possible result through which the differences of each person and their culture have the opportunity and space to stand out and stand out while at the same time coexisting artistically towards our common goal.
Vice Versa