Communiteam Members are those who actively engage and assume
responsibilities towards Communitism, collaborate through sharing competencies
and time, regularly attend the Communiteam Meeting and contribute to the
decision-making process.

Based on self-governance practice, communiteam meets once a week for the Communiteam Meeting where strategic decisions, coordination, projects, programming, infrastructure, etc. are discussed in an inclusive, respectful conversation in the search for consensus as a non-authoritative decision making process.

Every member of Communiteam collaborates to the process on voluntary bases, having the opportunity to grow their creative projects, work and professionally develop through activities at Communitism.

Communiteam operates through the “Association of citizens for the preservation of newer cultural heritage with the descriptive title Communitism” and administrational issues are addressed by the administrational board.

Members of the “Association” are compensated on the basis of Projects designed by the Association which get financial support.

Communiteam activates working groups consisting of at least 3 members to manage and facilitate activities (communication, event planning, cleaning, kitchen e.t.c.)

Communiteam opens up through Social-thursdays where new projects, ideas proposed by Associates or the enlarged community are received.

In-house projects in charge of tangible and intangible assets (spaces,
communication, administration) meet on their own schedules and take their
decisions independently. They are expected to follow Communitism principles and values, communicate their decisions in the weekly Communiteam meeting, and assure flexibility in sharing their resources (spacewise, timewise) with

Each project has at least one Communiteam member and is invited to include associates who are interested in it.

Communiteam members who do not participate to 6 consecutive Communiteam Meetings or are inactive within Communitism in any other capacity become an Associate.