About us

Communitism is an open community of creative professionals experiencing practices of commoning at Keramikou 28 in Metaxourgheio. Communitism revives abandoned or under-utilized cultural heritage buildings transitioning them into cultural commons entrusted and operated by active communities by building a cooperative relationship between owners and community members.

We call for building owners (public or private) and communities to share responsibilities on maintaining and preserving cultural heritage. Communitism considers collaborative artistic expression as a generator of common knowledge and practice.

Communitism believes space can shift behaviour and transform character. Art is the methodology to invite people used to acting as individuals into common practices to transcend into active citizenship. Communitism is based on sharing spaces, means of production, competences and time through practices of cooperation, solidarity and mutualism.

Inspired by civic use principles Communitism grants accessibility, usability, fairness, inclusiveness and common decision making process in the use and care of spaces.

Communitism recognises itself in the rejection of any form of fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism through active policies of inclusion and respect to singularities, rejecting fear as a way of approaching reality, through implementing practices of love.

Communitism discusses with everyone as long as both parties cover half of the distance balancing senseful business with social action.

Our Vision

Our vision lies in the word itself: In a period where our established systems are functioning in a way that undermine the effect of the individual, we envision the development of a system of communities able to affect the tangent existing systems into an evolving process. 

The abandoned cultural heritage buildings of the city can provide the opportunity for this system to thrive, as they constitute a vast network of unwanted spaces. 

Our Organization

Communiteam: the active team

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Associates: the network of supporters

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Neighboorhood: extended community of beneficiaries, users, followers

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Our Partners

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Inwole e.V

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