communitism building
international projects at Communitism
Communitism reclaims unutilised heritage buildings of Athens to be revived through creative commoning. By practising community and art, alternatives to existing structures emerge.
upcoming events
Music and performative events, workshops, lectures and discussions. Run through our calendar to see what the Communitism ecosystem is up to!
the spaces
Communitism comprises a variety of spaces for creative endeavours, managed by the diverse network of creatives who inhabit the socio cultural centre.
Communitism apartment
The Communitism apartment is essentially the headquarters of the association. The space features the office of the association, as well as a Library , meeting and lounging spaces, a coworking space and the kitchen.
The Communitism network brings together a wide-range of creative and social projects provided by and to a diverse range of people.
agia fanfara

Agia Fanfara is a Balkan Brass Band composed by a varied group of people from different backgrounds that form an active social community of musicians.